Meet Hazel Maseko,

Hazel Maseko is a vibrant young social entrepreneur who dedicates her time away from teaching in the classroom to working to improve her community.

She is passionate about breaking barriers that hinder progress and equality in the community. Hailing from humble beginnings, Hazel grew up in Motlhabaneng village where she was raised by her grandmother. She is the first of the four children. Always vocal, Hazel grew with a passion to acquire and share wisdom with all who surround her. At school, she participated in quiz and athletics. In tertiary school, her passion for speaking up did not go unnoticed as she was appointed as the Minister of Student Affairs in the Student Representative Body. Upon completing her secondary education, Hazel took up a career as a teacher. She is currently a beloved teacher in John Nswazwi JSS. In 2021,she founded Hazel Speaks, a multiplatform organization aimed at shedding light on issues society tends to sweep under the rug. Today, Hazel Speaks produces podcasts,social media content, driving the truth to power on issues that play a pivotal role on people’s mental well-being.

Hazel Maseko Hazel Speaks