Dealing with Being in Love with a Narcissist

Web of lies with Jimmy

Have you ever observed how spiders build a web? At first, you won’t notice a thing, but gradually it becomes clear and more significant depending on how laborious the spider is. I liken that to lies; one lie can end up becoming a web of lies. No wonder some individuals end up being pathological liars. […]

Toxic mothers with Jan Miller

A mother is expected to be on hand in the grooming of children in the family. Caring, devotion, affection and socialization are attributes that children learn from their mothers first. Toxic mothers come in different dimensions and variances. As a result, each case has its possible ways of resolving according to its merits and demerits. […]

Forgiveness with Rose, Kudakwashe and Sharon

The act of forgiveness allows one to become whole, thereby accumulating positive energy and peace. Wounds of the soul are not easy to heal; they need mental strength through meditation and forms of therapy. The irony of it all is that you have to forgive but not forget, and if you forget, you won’t forgive. […]


A conversation on bullying featuring King B

Toxic Environments

Conversation on toxic environments with Angela Pitton — Send in a voice message:

Although I was no virgin, he robbed me of my innocence

My story is one of the many common occurrences around the world. Many  victims of rape find themselves in a state of self-blame, yet it was  never their fault. The memory of their innocence being taken never  fades, it’s always fresh in mind, and every teeny tiny bit of  information is continuously replayed. In a […]

Toxic Relationships

Abusive romantic relationships negatively affect the victims physically,  mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, thereby sucking them dry and  leaving them empty. Some are left with or without enough willpower to  walk away or move on. — Send in a voice message: