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Many people find themselves in love with a narcissist. A narcissist will love but superficially. They are self-centred and lack empathy.  At first, they are charming but will later start showing their true colours. They may seem to be in love with you but this is short-lived. Love is supposed to make you feel special, safe, secure and most importantly not to lose yourself. How then do you know if you are in love with a narcissist? Here are 5 signs that prove you are in a relationship with a narcissist. 


Unlike a normal relationship whereby it’s a two-way thing, a narcissist will do anything to show you that they own you. You are nothing without them. They control your actions. 


A narcissist is not someone who will ever give themselves time to sympathize with their partner, rather if an argument arises you will be to blame. They are unable to acknowledge or even appreciate, whatever you do is a competition. They are in no position to put themselves in your shoes.


If someone loves you, they can never manipulate your love, or destroy your self-esteem. Somebody with narcissistic behaviour will abuse you either emotionally or physically, but they will paint a rosy picture of your love.


A narcissist will do anything to live for the ‘likes’, that is, to be liked by people, and to be closer to successful people. They like to be appreciated, if not, their explosive behaviour comes out. It’s not easy to advise a narcissist because according to them, they know everything.


Though narcissists secretly feel insecure, they tend to be so arrogant. Their boastful behaviour makes their partners feel worthless. They don’t even realize how their arrogance is affecting their partners emotionally.

Once you notice these traits in your partner, you need to seek professional help from experts who can guide and lead you. Our trained and professional therapists can work with you to discover and address any underlying issues, improve your communication skills, and provide the tools you need to rebuild your relationship.