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We have all been in this situation where we try to figure out how to heal a broken heart. If you haven’t experienced it, wow lucky you. Heartbreak is a word that is commonly used after a breakup with a significant other, but it doesn’t have to be. You can feel heartbroken over a friendship, and to be honest, it is perhaps the worst kind.

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Many people go through the pain of a broken relationship, possibly more than once in their lifetime. The happy endings in movies and books either show a couple getting back together or someone moving on to an even better relationship, which gives the impression that it is simple to move on after experiencing heartbreak.

Relationship problems aren’t fixed in two hours like they are on television or in movies, and the plots aren’t always neatly wrapped up. Not everyone goes through the same process hailing from a heartbreak. It might even change one’s life depending on the relationships they were in. Nobody can be certain how long it will take someone to recover, but there are some ways you can make the process of mending a broken heart into an opportunity to learn more about your wants and needs. The development you go through will help you navigate future relationships with others as well as your relationship with yourself.

When you’re ready to take the next step, here are some do’s and don’ts to guide you through the healing process.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Control

Try not to view the end of a relationship as a failure. Consider it an opportunity to learn and grow instead. It makes no difference whether this was your first relationship or if you’ve had others before. Everyone, whether they are 15 or 50, can improve their relationship skills and get to know themselves better. Remember that hurting someone else will not make your pain go away. It is more likely to make you feel worse and slow down your healing.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Past

We all tend to dwell on our past. Both good and bad memories can sometimes seem to repeat endlessly in your mind. These troublesome thoughts might hinder healing and are usually upsetting. Though it could be challenging to remain focused on the healing process. No relationship is perfect, but neither are they entirely horrible either. You may need to give yourself some emotional and possibly physical distance if you are exalting the relationship or continue to place your ex on a pedestal.

Don’t Jump Into a “Rebound” Relationship

You may feel a sense of urgency about finding a new romantic partner, but so-called “rebound” relationships prevent you from moving past your prior one. You have the possibility of repeating patterns or making the same errors in a new relationship if you don’t give your recently ended relationship some attention.

Do Take Care of Yourself

Make an effort to treat yourself with love, patience, and generosity. Knowing that a breakup isn’t only an emotional or mental struggle may be helpful. Good self-care is emotional, physical, and spiritual.  There are some general self-care practices that are advantageous for almost everyone, such as maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, having a network of friends and family, and learning coping mechanisms for stress, to name a few.

Do Appreciate the Good Memories

Even if your relationship ended on a sour note, chances are, it was not all bad. It’s normal to look back at what was good about it, and you may find you miss certain things about your ex and the love you shared.

Do Forgive

It could take some time and effort to forgive your ex, especially if you felt hurt or betrayed. It’s crucial to understand that showing someone forgiveness does not imply that you approve of their offensive conduct or deeds. To mend a broken heart and move on, there’s someone else you need to be ready to forgive: yourself. Never forget that your relationship with yourself is the strongest and longest-lasting one you will ever have.